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Episode 1: Marcus and Nathan from Aurelius Whitlock's Murder Museum

Updated: Mar 6

I talk a bit about how delayed the podcast is before jumping into the interview with Marcus Richardson and Nathan Hicken from Aurelius Whitlock's Murder Museum Podcast. Take a listen on Spotify or YouTube.

Stuff mentioned in the episode:

The New Agent Manual Solo RPG Zine on Kickstarter

Someone's Birthday Shenanigans Wrap-Up

Aurelius Whitlock's Murder Museum

Riddlesburg Book

Greg Wagland of Magpie Audio

Escape this Podcast

Finish It! Podcast


The Rise of the Golden Idol Videogame

Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous

The Epic Character Challenge is set to come out this May so stay tuned! Join the Infinite Imaginations Discord Server to be notified of updates:

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