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I have been featured in all kinds of different online spaces doing all sorts of interesting things; from being the subject of blog posts to providing vocals for songs and ads to guesting on podcasts.

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Current Project Secret Agent Someone.png

A troubled orphan internally traumatized by his complicated past is recruited by an elite spy organization. There, he grows to become one of the best agents on the force due to his vow never to get attached to anyone again. After all, it's hard to fall in love when nobody knows your name...
Short stories, dramatized audio, original songs, in-world facts, and more are available to all as I continue working towards publishing the full production.

Voice of Felicity

from Felicity the Fish

by Abel Studios

Narrator of "From Breakdown to Breakthrough
7 Brave Steps to Healing After a Toxic Relationship" by Keshawna Rose

Vocalist for "Vowels!" song by KK's Playground

Stories featured in

In Threads Zines by Amy Winters-Voss

Co-collaborator, co-organizer, and co-puzzlemaker for #EnigMarch: Month-Long Daily Puzzle Challenge

Guest Game Master of Virtual Escape Room

"Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous"

Escape this Podcast Season 9, Episode 10

"Not So Peculiar" blog post by Tracy Lewis

Vocalist for "Strangers" song by KePop

Vocalist for "No Mo Nausea Wrisbands" ad

product by Jacqueline Darna

Vocalist for "Buyers Love ShopProp"

ad by ShopProp Realty

Voiceover for "Welcome to Avian" ad

by IndroDesigns 

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