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Episode 5: The Solar Eclipse (and Other Communal Events)

I talk about the Solar Eclipse and other communal events. We'll also go over things I’ve been working on, including some puzzles and games that you can join in on, too! Take a listen on ⁠Spotify ⁠or ⁠YouTube⁠.

Sorry for the couple of instances where the microphone is bumped or breathed on! It only happened a few times but it's annoying when I listen back and can't edit it out. Today was a bit hectic. I'll try to do better next episode!

Stuff mentioned in the episode:

My Eclipse Blogpost


Adventure April

Puzzles on the Road TTRPG

My Discord Server

My Prose Account

My Wordi Wiki

Handsome Co-Host's Article

Support Me on Ko-Fi

About Secret Agent Someone

The riddle:

Treat the stem with steam when you pay to play.

Go over the room with the broom before you pose with poise.

Each one can teach, so bow and raise a brow.

Stir the pot without a pout. Look in your sack for a snack.

Don't yell at the cat! The bot will drive the boat.

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