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The Peculiar Jeweler

Ossandra White

Writing. Crafting. Knitting. Making. Singing. Modeling. Art. Composing. Photography. Website Design. More...

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Ossandra White
Jill of All Trades

Hi there, friend!

You may know me as WordiGirl, LexiCon, Sandra Peculiar, or The Peculiar Jeweler. It's also possible that you aren't familiar with me at all. Whichever is the case, I'm so happy that you've decided to stop by!

I am a multifaceted, imaginative, crafty, Christian girl with too many ideas and too little time. I have a heart to help everyone and am always sure to spread positivity and cheer to all I meet. 

If you'd like to find out more about me, check out my social media profiles.

To hire me to assist you with a project, browse my list of available services.

For examples of the various work I do, head over to the gallery.

I appreciate you very much! Sending all the prayers, love, and hugs your way. Have an exuberantly blessed day!!!

Current Project Secret Agent Someone.png

A troubled orphan internally traumatized by his complicated past is recruited by an elite spy organization. There, he grows to become one of the best agents on the force due to his vow never to get attached to anyone again. After all, it's hard to fall in love when nobody knows your name...
Short stories, dramatized audio, original songs, in-world facts, and more are available to all as I continue working towards publishing the full production.

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